StumbleSafely Maps Bars and Crime

April 3, 2009 at 3:35 pm Leave a comment

DC communications and software design firm, Development Seed, has created a map of northwest Washington, D.C. that plots the location of bars/taverns and crime at The map is meant to inform happy bar goers of high-crime areas around popular D.C. watering holes.

The map can be filtered for three different time periods: day, evening, and night. And each time period displays crimes that were committed during that time of the day.

Although the map looks nice and has good intentions, it is not very useful. First, there is no legend to let you know what the symbols on the map mean. You have to play around with it for while to understand it. Second, the crimes plotted on the map have no details, and there is nothing on the site to indicate how recent the crimes are. Are they from last week? Last month? Last year? We don’t know.

Granted, the map was originally created to compete in the Apps for Democracy Competition. The goal of the competition was to promote transparency in government and present citizens with data solutions that take public information and present it in creative and useful ways. But without information like a legend or basic crime details, the map comes across as more annoying than useful.


Search crime in your neighborhood at

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