LA Schools Accused of Covering Up Sexual Abuse

May 13, 2009 at 5:08 pm Leave a comment

Last year, a jury ordered the LA School district to pay 1.6 million to families of three girls molested by Ricardo Guevara, an elementary school teacher. However, an LA Times investigation found that this was actually the third time Guevara had been accused of molestation. In the first two instances, prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute, and Guevara was quietly sent back into the classroom. Not only was Guevara protected by the school district after his first two offences, but he was teaching again in no time.

This blatant disregard for the safety of our children is par for the course in the LA school district. The LA Times article goes on to site multiple teachers who were accused of sexual misconduct with students and moved to a different school, only to be charged again and found guilt after molesting more children.

Granted, not all teachers accused of sexual misconduct are guilty, but should there not be a better system of supervision for the people that spend every day with our children? The LA Times piece goes on to state that even if prosecutors did not convict an accused child molester, the school district had the right to dismiss the teachers based on any level of misconduct with a student. But the school district failed to do so.

We should not let our children be victims of a system that looks out for its own well being over a child’s. Get informed about your children’s teachers, know who else is in the classroom, and what adults have access to your children when they are away from you at school.

Read the full LA Times investigation and watch the powerful story of a victim of the LA school district’s misconduct here.

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