Car Safety Tips

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Chances are that on a regular basis you’re not going to experience a heavy amount of violent crime on your street or in your neighborhood. Homicide, rape, and other violent offenses are far less like to occur than are more simple crimes like vandalism, noise complaints, or theft. And one of the most common forms of theft is vehicle theft.

Because vehicle theft (and theft of items from a vehicle) is more prevalent than other crime, it pays to educate yourself on ways to avoid getting your car stolen, and ways to prevent criminals from breaking in to your car.

Because there has been a recent rash of car thefts in the Kitsap County, Washington, the Kitsap Sun, has offered a useful list of ways to avoid being victimized by car thieves:

* When leaving your vehicle, regardless of the length of time, remove the key from the ignition, close all windows and lock the doors!
* Install smooth, non-flared locking buttons on car doors.
* At night, park in a well lit area. When at home, and if equipped, park your vehicle inside of a garage.
* Remove personal identifying items from your car when you get out: wallets, driver license, credit cards, check books, other identification cards, etc.  These items, once stolen, can be used to commit crimes involving fraud, forgery or identity theft.
* Do not leave personal articles (cameras, i-Pods, GPS devices) in plain view.
* Take them with you or lock them in the trunk.
* Additional security may be obtained by installing a vehicle security system or
* other anti-theft device, such as steering wheel or brake pedal locking device.


View recent car thefts in your neighborhood at

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