Domestic Violence Statistics Not Low Enough

October 26, 2009 at 11:00 pm 2 comments

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 552, 000 females, age 12 and older, experienced non-fatal violence from an intimate partner in 2008. In 2007, 1,640 females were killed by an intimate partner, making up 70% of all intimate partner homicides. And although the numbers of women killed by an intimate partner has declined in the last decade, I don’t know anyone who thinks these numbers are low enough.

To make things worse, the reach of domestic violence goes beyond the immediate victim. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 38% of victims of domestic violence had children under the age of 12 living in the home. And of those children in the home, it is estimated that 60% directly witnessed the violence. (See full statistics from the BJS here.)

Societal Impediments

For some reason, our society, and many others across the globe, have an aversion to interfering in domestic violence incidents. Some people feel that it’s a family matter or that they have no business getting into a fight between spouses or family members. This attitude has even been reflected in law enforcement practice, waiting for a battered woman to press charges against an abuser before taking any legal action. But perhaps things are changing with a new program created by the Baltimore Police Department.

A New Way to Fight Domestic Violence

The Baltimore PD has created a new Family Crime Unit designed specifically to intervene in domestic violence situations early, before these situations descalate into serious injury or death. According to Peter Hermann, of the Baltimore Sun, the new unit has been modeled after the homicide division, in order to more aggressively act on domestic violence incidents and prevent further violence before it happens. And the unit is already seeing some success. For example, this year, Baltimore has only seen 4 domestic killings, as opposed to 13-14 in years previous. And this success comes at a time when the economy is down, traditionally a time when domestic violence rises. (Read about the extent of the program here.)

Their approach to domestic violence is something that needs to be modeled in other law enforcement agencies across the county. Domestic violence is NOT just a family matter. It affects us all. Be aware of the issues and become an active citizen in favor of a smarter, more aggressive domestic violence response unit for you local law enforcement agency.

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  • 1. scales  |  November 2, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I am a survivor of 22 years now.After 3 very ,progressively more violent marriages,it took me almost being killed to realize my own worth.I now help those who seek it.I offer a santcuary,an aid to any who are wishing to regain their lives.What ever it takes to help these peple reclaim their own peace.Help is out here.All it takes is
    getting out and staying out.Sounds hopeless but it is not.

  • 2. unknown  |  November 2, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    i was a victim of rap by many and i reported to the polices. i was told the actual accouser had turn himself in but i am 100% sure it was more then one person who commented the crime. Since my attack i have been in many situations that involve the many attacker who had assulted me. Countless times i had called upon the cops and tell the thing that are happening around my area and wherever i go, even though the case is close it is not close to me. My attacker have been breaking into my home; following me wherever i go i can hear the horn soundsl many people come in my olace of work look at me as if they know me and i do not know them; they ride in dark cars just to hide their appearance and is all was found on the phone talking to someone who might be following me. they break in my home and get on the computer or take indergarments or put unplesant things in the drinl they tap in the internet and watch what is being said on the computer. they are more then one both make and female in my house going to my church folloeing my family and me every day. how can i stop these people from invading in my life it is as if they live on the same street as i do because these act are done in daylight where some of the home owner is at work or school.


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