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“Amber Alert GPS” Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Law Enforcement News Center recently posted a great review of a new GPS device that gives parents the ability to breath easy and stay informed of their children’s locations. The new gadget is the Amber Alert GPS 2G. The unit is the smallest and most-powerful tracking unit on the market and can easily fit into a pocket, backpack, car, or attach to a belt or wristband.

Along with the unit, parents can purchase various services. Services include text and email alerts when a device wanders outside of customizable safe zones, speed alerts, temperature alerts, an alert to let parents know when the device has arrived at a location, as well as “breadcrumbing” alerts that record the device location every five minutes and display the locations on a map. As well, the device comes equipped with an “SOS” button that, when pressed and held, sends an emergency alert to parents or loved ones.

You can read more about each feature here. Or visit the Amber Alert GPS website.

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Share Your Location and Keep Tabs on Family Members with Glympse

Microsoft has just launched Beta version of its new Glympse application. Glympse allows you to share your location with anyone for a specified amount of time. For instance, this is a good way to let family members know that you are running late. It also has some safety applications for family members, like asking children or family members to “Glympse” you so they know where you are, and when you are headed home. Check out the rather cheesy video below, or go to for more details.

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GPS Used to Track Abusers and Stalkers

An interesting article posted at Cografi Bilgi Sistemleri covers a recent trend in halting violence before it begins. Many states are beginning to strap GPS tracking devices to repeat offenders who have been accused of spousal abuse or stalking. In these cases, the victim has filed a restraining order that the offender refuses to acknowledge. Once the offender has been outfitted by the court-mandated device, local law enforcement are alerted whenever the offender enters the restricted area and can respond before a 911 call has to be made.

One victim said, ““It was the first time I could turn my house alarm off and feel O.K.” Read the full article by clicking the link above.

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