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Drug Overdoses Outnumber Fatal Gunshots

There is a constant discussion about gun safety in the home, usually revolving around issues of safety versus security. But what gets lost in the shuffle of our focus on guns and gun laws are other threats that have a potentially larger influence in our lives.

Speaking at the National Institute of Justice conference yesterday, federal drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, urged law enforcement, mayors, and governors to focus more attention on the country’s drug problem. Kerlikowske pointed out that there are more fatal drug overdoses in American than there are deaths from gunshots.

What is worse, Kerlikowske points out, is that less than 10 percent of the 20 million Americans with substance abuse problems actually receive adequate treatment.

Although there are real threats to our personal safety, there are also threats that do not have a face. If you are protecting your family and neighborhood from intruders, and other bad guys, don’t forget about intruders that don’t have a face and cannot be shot, stabbed, or put behind bars. Make sure to protect your children and family members from substance abuse through education and support. If you know someone with a drug problem, do your best to get them into treatment, so that they don’t become another statistic to be cited by the federal drug czar.


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Teens Play with Guns Like Toddlers

You think your teen is more responsible with a gun than your toddler, think again. In an post over at Prevention Works, a recent study showed that teens who have never encountered guns before are just as irresponsible with them than are toddlers. Head over to the Prevention Works website for the full story and a link to a video report by ABC’s 20/20. Also, visit the National Crime Prevention Council’s page on gun safety.

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