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Stalkers Increasingly Use New Technology

Technology is always on the move, and in most ways it improves our lives, making it easier to communicate with each other and get information about the world around us. GPS devices guide us through unfamiliar territory and get us to our destination safely; cell phone cameras let us take pictures of memorable moments easily and send them to friends; and the internet allows us to pay bills easily and stay in touch with friends who live halfway around the world.

But the technologies that make our lives easier and more convenient are also being used by others who don’t have the same good intentions that we do. In a report published by the Buffalo News today, stalkers are increasingly using more discrete technology to prey on their victims. Small GPS trackers can easily be placed under the dashboard of a car without being noticed by the driver. And small surveillance equipment, normally used by law enforcement, is becoming smaller and cheaper to afford for the general public. And installing spyware on a computer is as easy as downloading a virus.

It is scary to think that we have little to no control over the actions of others when they want to spy on us, but we can be as vigilant as we can and take some precautions. Easy things you can do are limiting the amount of information you post about yourself on a Facebook or MySpace profile, and regularly downloading anti-spyware and anti-virus updates to your computer. And if you suspect someone of stalking you make sure you tell your friends, family, and the police as soon as possible. But overall, just be vigilant about who you give and share information with over the internet and in other daily, face-to-face interactions.


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Wesleyan University Murder Refocuses Nation on Stalking

The murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich, a Wesleyan University student, has refocused the nation on the crime of stalking. Justin-Jinich’s suspected killer was a former classmate, who made harassing phone calls and sent threatening emails. Justin-Jinich filed a police report at one time, to report the incidents, but she never pressed charges and police never followed-up with the suspect.

This case is just another reminder that stalking is often not reported or not recognized until it is too late. States like Connecticut, have some anti-stalking laws, where perpetrators can be charged with harassment and victims can file restraining orders against their aggressors.

But most people don’t know that stalking is a crime. If an individual is making repeated phone calls to you, sending harassing emails, or spreading rumors about you through word-of-mouth or electronic means (such as Facebook or MySpace), they are committing a crime, and it should be taken seriously. Some people have the mentality that, “well, they’re just calling, they’re not actually ‘doing’ anything.” But it is important to know that these indicators can lead to more serious crimes like assault, rape, and murder.

If you are being harassed here are some tips:

  • Contact your local police department, it is important to establish official documentation of any problems so that police can get involved as soon as possible.
  • Keep all emails, letters, or other communication from the stalker, including voicemails, if possible.
  • Tell people about the harassment. Don’t keep it to yourself; make sure the people you care about know what is happening.
  • If the stalking escalates, file a restraining order.


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GPS Used to Track Abusers and Stalkers

An interesting article posted at Cografi Bilgi Sistemleri covers a recent trend in halting violence before it begins. Many states are beginning to strap GPS tracking devices to repeat offenders who have been accused of spousal abuse or stalking. In these cases, the victim has filed a restraining order that the offender refuses to acknowledge. Once the offender has been outfitted by the court-mandated device, local law enforcement are alerted whenever the offender enters the restricted area and can respond before a 911 call has to be made.

One victim said, ““It was the first time I could turn my house alarm off and feel O.K.” Read the full article by clicking the link above.

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