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Summer Increases Juvenile Crime

According to a story from Lubbock, Texas, a recent vandalism spree is being blamed on a handful of teenagers in the area who are out of school for the summer. This example is only one in a yearly trend of increased crime during the summer months, partially attributed to teen offenders.

Although the warmer weather and the number of people on vacation makes it easier for criminals to commit crimes, at least some of the annual summer increase in crime is due to bored teens who are out of school and don’t have the pressures of homework, sports, or other school related activities weighing on them. With these weights gone, and nothing to replace them with, some teens turn to criminal activity to fill their time.

It is probably a stretch to say that just because a teen is bored he or she will turn to violent crime, but teens with a lot of time on their hands might turn to less-violent activities like vandalism and theft, looking for a quick thrill or a quick buck.

Summer break is coming to a close in many parts of the country, and kids are heading back to school, but it always pays to be vigilant. Not only can you be careful about parking your car in the garage and keeping your porch light on, but—as parents of teenagers—you can help prevent crime by steering your child away from criminal activity through communication, activities, and vigilant parenting.


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Crime Rises with Temperature

Marietta, Georgia, has traditionally seen a rise in crime as the weather gets warmer, and they are gearing for an increase now as we head into the summer. According to a local media source, the police department attributes the rise to an increase in juveniles on the street during summer break and more absent houses as people leave on vacation.

But this increase is not limited to Marietta, many agencies across the US and Canada realize that crime increases when the weather gets warm. For the average citizen, this means making sure that you are vigilant about your personal and property safety during the summer months.

If you plan on heading off to exotic locations, make sure that you take measures to protect your home while you are away: lack all doors and windows and make sure you have a neighbor, family member, or friend check on your property periodically to make sure nothing is amiss. As well, you can stop mail service or have someone pick up your mail so that your house does not appear vacant. In addition, stay informed about crime in your neighborhood while you are away by checking


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Red Cross Water Safety Tips

Whether  you are out and about this summer on vacation or just at your local pool, there are more threats to you and your children than the shady looking man on the street corner. The American Red Cross has created a great resource site for water safety this summer around pools, lakes, and even the ocean. Visit the site here and remember to stay safe this summer.

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Tips on Having a Safe Summer

As always, Prevention Works, a public safety blog run by the National Crime Prevention Council, has some great information about how to stay safe in the summer as you travel, as well as safety tips for kids and adults for bike riding, internet use, and more. In the article are a handful of links to printable checklists and other online resources. Have fun this summer, but remember to stay safe.


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