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How Can I Report Online Frauds and Scams?

We’ve talked before about having a neighborhood watch mentality while online, being vigilant and reporting crime when you see it. But most people don’t know where to report online crime: Should I go to my local police department? Can I call the FBI?

Well, I just stumbled across a great list of resources for reporting online crime. Click the link below to get a very clear idea of where to report certain types of online crime and fraud.

Click here:

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Bogus Crime Emails Becoming a Big Problem

The introduction of email to our society has created a fast and cheap way for people to communicate with each other and spread information to the maximum number of people possible. But along with this great benefit comes the easy spread of false information that can be harmful to both individuals and businesses.

The Shelby County Reporter, of Shelby County Georgia, recently posted a story covering the dissemination of false crime reports through email. The story cites a few examples specifically, like the false report that a child had been molested at a local movie theater. This report, widely passed by email to local residents, hurt the theater and the shopping center it was a part of.

Now police are beginning to crack down on these false accusations and false crime reports. Recently a 26 year-old woman was arrested and convicted for making false reports to law enforcement when she circulated an email reporting fake assault at a local convenience store.

In a case where you receive an email reporting a crime about a local business or local resident, be sure to check the source before forwarding the message on to others. You can verify the crime by contacting your local police department or by checking services like Sometimes these emails are fabricated only to hurt a local business or shame innocent citizens. If you cannot verify the source of the email (such as when the email is preceded by a long list of forwards) it is probably best to simply delete it rather than pass it on.

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Internet Crime Up by 33% in 2008

The National Internet Crime Center (NICC) just released a report that shows an increase of internet crime of 33% in 2008 over 2007. The majority of internet crime reported to the NICC as failure of payment/delivery. This happens when you pay for a product online, but the product is never delivered, or if you are selling something online, a customer buys it and you ship it, but the customer’s payment information is incorrect or false. Other top crimes included auction fraud and credit/debit card fraud. Less reported crimes include ponzi schemes and email schemes like the Nigerian email scams.

In times like these when criminals are taking advantage of the low economy to prey off individuals looking for a good deal or fooling people who have lost their jobs into get-rich-quick scams, it’s a good idea to remind yourself about the importance of online safety.

Prevention Works has just published a short article on protecting yourself online and offers some good suggestions. For starters, remember never to publish your personal information online. A first name or email address is usually okay, but avoid publishing your exact address, phone number, and birth date when possible. Also, remember to NEVER give your social security number, bank account information, or passwords to ANYONE though an email or instant message, even if that person claims to be a member of the government or law enforcement. If the FBI actually needs your bank account information to track a money-laundering ring, they will meet with you personally, not through email. If a family member needs the information, give it to them over the phone or (even better) meet with them in person.

Good luck. And remember, when you get an email from a deposed African Prince, the UK lottery, or a person claiming to be in the CIA, just delete it.

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