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Protect Yourself From Consumer Scams

Both the downturn of the economy and the rise of online classifieds has expanded the world of consumer scams. Whether the scam is a phony job posting or a Cragislist deal that seems too good to be true, it pays to stay informed on what the latest scams are—so you can avoid them.

The Law Enforcement News Center has a daily updated list of the latest stories around the globe about new consumer scams. They already have a substantial list, but if you know about a scam that isn’t there, you can send them an email and let them know about it.

See the list here.

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While Economy Is Down, Senior Scams Are Up

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has seen an increase in scams aimed at taking advantage of the elderly, ever since the economy went south. State Attorney General, Tom Corbett, said that his office has seen an increase of financial scams overall, but indicates that they have seen a particular increase in financial scams against the elderly.


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Sex Offender Scams

We all want to keep our children and families safe from sexual predators and other violent offenders, but there are some websites out there that prey on your fear and profit from it. Sex offender information, including home address, and the nature of the offense is public information in most states and is free to the public. Websites like and charge a monthly fee to be part of their network and get information on sex offenders homes and other information. However, this information is free to the public and can be accessed through FamilyWatchdog, the national sex offender public website, (in some areas), and through your own state’s sex offender registry website. Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics of websites that want to charge you for free public information.

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