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Seattle Bank Teller Loses Job After Apprehending Bank Robber

Jim Nicholson, a teller for Key Bank in Seattle, lost his job recently after ran down a bank robber, tackled him, and restrained him until police arrived. The robber entered the branch and passed a black bag across the counter, demanding money. Nicholson then threw down the bag, jumped across the counter and lunged at the robber. The robber fled, but Nicholson pursued the man down the street, tackled him, and held him down until police arrived and arrested the would-be thief.

Attacking the robber is against Key Bank policy, which states that tellers should simply comply with robbers’ demands and avoid confrontation. Nicholson says he understands the policy is in place to protect him and others, and therefore understands why he was fired.


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Life of Crime Starts Early

Some kids may be destined for a life of crime. 🙂

An 11-year-old, Cincinnati, Ohio, boy has been accused of attempted hijacking of two children’s scooters. The boy used a toy gun to hold up two children age 8 and 10 in an attempt to take their scooters away from them. The victims were apparently confused by the toy gun and thought it was real.

The boy is scheduled for an august 7th hearing at the Hamilton County juvenile center.


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The Lighter Side of Law Enforcement

Too often we get bogged down in the dirty details of crime prevention and other “serious” matters, sometimes it helps to stop and take a look at some of the funny and downright crazy things that happen to law enforcement officers on a weekly basis.

So in an effort to bring some levity into our day, a local Florida newspaper has published some stories from local cops. If you want to hear about the alligator in the trunk, washing clothes in the nude, the wrong way to make Molotov cocktails, and other interesting stories click here.

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